Our Thoughts

Tenkara, forever.

Nikko is called the sacred place for "tenkara fishing". This type of fishing is extremely economical,requiring only three tools: a rod, string, and kebari, and has been practiced since ancient times by people known as "professional fishermen”, who made a living by selling the fish they caught to inns. This is a fishing method that has been passed down from generation to generation.

“Professional fishermen” sometimes spent several days following the river to its headwaters, making good use of nature, and fishing for mountain stream fish such as char.

They were often active as bear hunters called “Matagi” in the winter, and some say that tenkara is a Japanese culture similar to Matagi.

We are working to pass on the feelings of professional fishermen to future generations by passing down the story of tenkara fishing to as many people as possible.


About Nikko TENKARA

Tenkara fishing has been practiced all over Japan, but Nikko has undergone a unique evolution and has been passed down to the present day as “Nikko Tenkara”.

Guide Tour

We have prepared a guided tour for those who want to experience Nikko Tenkara for themselves and learn about the history and culture related to Tenkara fishing.

Rules and Manners

We have summarized the rules, etiquette, and fishing rights that you should follow when enjoying Nikko Tenkara.